Wilfried Krause

Senior Manager Product Development - HAP GmbHSenior Manager Product Development 

Fabmatics GmbH



Complex Automation of Automation-Averse Tools

The presentation is based on a presentation of Dr. Torsten Niekisch from Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH. It tells the story of a basic oven that went out to learn the robots’ language in order to become a modern, high automated semiconductor furnace tool.

The main challenges in this automation project were caused by the thermal environment, with no possibility to install sensors inside the tool, no equipment integration and the requirement to change the lot to another process carrier.

In a second presentation part other complex automation projects, as for example the automation of Mercury FSI systems, will be briefly introduced

  • 1976 studied radar technology at the Air Force Academy Germany
  • 1983 automation service engineer at Air Force
  • 1991 electrical & software engineer automation for surface covering technology and PCB handling
  • 2001 electrical & software engineer automation at HAP GmbH Dresden
  • 2008 head of department electrical & software design at HAP GmbH Dresden
  • Since 2014 – senior manager product development at HAP GmbH Dresden, now Fabmatics GmbH.