Heinz Martin Esser

CEO Roth & Rau – Ortner and President of Silicon Saxony e.V.

Fabmatics GmbH



Mature 200 mm fabs cannot be automated? For sure they can!

Mature 200 mm fabs cannot be automated? For sure they can! And after they are much better and more efficient than ever…" Most of the worldwide existing 200MM fabs are recently getting more and more attractive. The “Internet of Things” is creating a new boom of those older fabs, Analog/Digital Sensors, MEMS, Systems on Chip, Power Semiconductors and many other products are creating a heavy load of the mature fabs. But are they efficient and competitive enough on the global market for the future?

With a bunch of Smart Fab Automation solutions starting with RF – Identification, new GPS Localization of the existing WIP, stationary and self-navigating robots for automated Tool loading, integrated and 3D transport systems, intelligent hanging Stockers and individual improvement solutions these so called “mature” fabs can take a bath in the fountain of youth to achieve a similar automation grade as fully automated 300MM fabs for the “More Moore” production.

It’s obvious, that those modified fabs are great examples of increased efficiency and cost competiveness compared to manual operated fabs.

  • Since 1999 CEO of Roth & Rau – Ortner GmbH, now Fabmatics in Dresden
  • Since 2001 Member of the board of directors of Silicon Saxony e.v. in Dresden
  • Since 2009 Speaker of the board
  • Since 2008 Member of the SEMI EAB (European Advisory Board)