Bill McClean


IC Insights



Are IC Industry Cycles Dead or Just Sleeping?

Although a high level of uncertainty still looms over the global economy, sales of smartphones continue to reach new highs and the Internet of Things looms on the horizon. IC Insights will present its forecast for the IC market and unit volume shipments in the context of the IC industry cycle model. In order to make sense out of the current turmoil, a top-down analysis of the IC market will be given and include trends in worldwide GDP growth, electronic system sales, and semiconductor industry capital spending.

Mr. McClean began his market research career in the integrated circuit industry in 1980 and founded IC Insights in 1997. During his 36 years of tracking the IC industry, Mr. McClean has specialized in market and technology trend forecasting and was responsible for developing the IC industry cycle model.  Mr. McClean received his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and an Associate degree in Aviation from the University of Illinois.