Bernhard Riester

Engineering Manager

Texas Instruments



Integration of a mobile robotic system in a grown 200mm WaferFab

At the time when 200mm Fabs had been build, autonomous robots could be seen only in science fiction movies. Robots at this time were mainly stationary and used as handling tools to load wafers into the process chamber. Recent developments in automated guided vehicle (AGV’s) mainly used as lawn-mower or vacuum cleaners make this technology affordable and easy to use.

Therefor it is worth to look more in detail in this technology for semiconductor fabrication. The reason behind this is that we now need to go the next step in automation to compete with 300mm fabs. Cost analysis between 200mm and 300mm fabs have shown that the biggest difference is in direct labor. Reason is the fully automation of 300mm fabs including material transport in the wafer fab.

How to address this challenge? In many existing 200mm fabs transportation systems like in 300mm fabs can not be installed due to space constraints. Innovation and creativity in automation is the answer. Mobile robotics, so called AGV’s can play a big role in this transition. In the presentation the hassles and hurdles of the implementation of such a system, the HAP Hero-Fab will be discussed. In addition an outlook of where the future development should go will be given.

Education: Master in photo-engineering from University of Cologne

  • 1985 – 1988 Photo Process engineer at Siemens 1988 – 1996 Photo Process engineer at TI Freising
  • 1996 – 1998 WW Deputy Lithography Technology Mgr. Dallas
  • 1999 – 2002 Module Mgr. Epi/Implant Freising 2002 – 2015 Engineering Mgr. Equipment
  • 2016 – today Engineering Mgr. Automation/Cost