Alan Weber

Vice President, New Product Innovations

Cimetrix Inc.



The Role of EDA Models in Semiconductor Production Systems

As device sizes and process windows have shrunk continuously according to Moore’s Law, the SEMI Standards that govern the interaction between the manufacturing equipment and factory information and control systems have necessarily evolved to support the insatiable need for data exhibited by the process analysis and control systems that keep a modern fab running profitably. At the heart of these standards are models that represent the capabilities and behavior of the systems in question.

In the earliest communications standards, these models were implicit in the message content, but over time, they have become much more explicit and detailed. The culmination of this process to date is captured in the SEMI E164 “Specification for EDA (Equipment Data Acquisition) Common Metadata” standard which specifies most of the expected structure, information content, and behavior of 300mm wafer fabrication equipment.

  • Equipment and factory control system architectures
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) and other key manufacturing applications
  • EMI Information and Control standards, especially EDA/Interface A
  • Semiconductor manufacturing technology